Two Week Wait: Part II

Thankfully for me, the past week feels like it has flown by. In between finishing “Uprooted”, running, work and life in general, my mind hasn’t really had the time to focus on my upcoming infertility consultation appointment.

The hubby and I are continuing to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Along with week day runs, we were able to get an 8 mile run in with our local running group on Saturday. It was a little wet at first, but the rain stopped about a mile in. There were plenty of hills though.

Saturday evening we got to go see a hockey game thanks to the hubby’s work. After seeing so many games live, watching the game in a suite was a pretty fancy experience. Since we’re Chicago Blackhawks fans, we really didn’t have a particular team to cheer for during the game… Which made it a less stressful game. With free food.

It seems like with the infertility appointment being a week away though, it pops in my mind more and more. To help my mental state, I’ve begun a list of questions to ask my doctor:

  1. What is your clinic’s success rate on a whole, and for patients like me?
  2. How can we create the best environment for success? (Alcohol, diet, etc)
  3. Once treatment begins, will there be a time where I’ll need to stop running?
  4. What’s your clinic’s process like? (How many times will I be coming in, embryo updates after the procedure, etc)
  5. Can you give me an estimated timeline for IVF?
  6. Do you prefer fresh or frozen embryo transfers (FET), and why?
  7. Who will I be seeing, medical wise? Who will be my point of contact?
  8. Is there any supplements I should be taking?
  9. What costs can I expect and what is covered by my insurance?

I’m sure some questions will be answered by the doc before I even ask, but I prefer to be prepared.

See you next week, hopefully with some good updates.