The Plan

The time I had waited for months finally arrived this past Tuesday. I got to meet my new infertility doctor. After we sat down and he went over my history, he looked at me and said,

“Where do you want to go from here?”

No trying to push me toward more IUI. What a relief. I told him what I wanted, to proceed to IVF and he couldn’t agree more that that should be the next logical step.

Guys, I can’t tell you how nice it is to not feel like I have to fight arm and leg to get where I feel like I’m going to succeed most.

I think my doctor could see my personality. Maybe it was the fact that I had my pen and notebook with me. With a smile, he asked if I had read up on IVF. Smart guy.

With my medical history, the doc thought my best plan would be the Antagonist protocol for IVF. Apparently there are different protocols, based on the medicine you take to prevent your ovulation from happening until the clinic is ready.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Testing: Thankfully I was able to get the doctor my history from the previous fertility clinic, so I didn’t have as much testing to get done as a first timer. I still had to get some blood tests done (Got to make sure I don’t have any of those lovely STDs. My husband was happy to hear that I did not. I was also glad to hear he didn’t from his own tests.)

    When my cycle starts up here shortly, I’m also supposed to call the clinic and schedule a trial embryo transfer as well as an ultrasound for ovarian access/follicle count. I’ve had ultrasounds before, but hadn’t read up on the Trial Embryo Transfer. This is supposed to help guide the doctor on game day; they’re able to create a map to where the embryos should be placed. Hey, whatever helps doc.

  2. Birth Control: In order to get pregnant, I have to take birth control. Funny, huh? This will be the following cycle (late February), and I’ll start it once that cycle begins. I’m assuming it’s to help regulate the cycle so there’s no surprises for anyone.

  3. IVF: After that cycle ends, then it’s show time. The big dance. I’ll have a baseline scan to make sure we’re good to go. If given the thumbs up, then I’ll be put on 2 shots to help grow those follicles for 5 nights. Then it’s time for a blood test to make sure everything is going well on the inside.

    Then they’ll add on the Antagonist shot to my regime, to help prevent ovulation from coming around. That’ll be 3 shots for 8-12 nights.

    After that is Mr. Trigger Shot. This is to get ovulation going. I’m a good candidate for the Lupron trigger shot, which gets your natural hormones to make you ovulate. Apparently my numbers are high enough where the other shot (HSG) could cause Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome – which my doctor and reading sources have all told me is not a pleasant experience to have. So yes, I’ll take Lupron.

    After the trigger shot, I’ll come in for 4-5 more scans to check on those follicles and see how they’re growing. Once they’re a good size, then it’s…

    EGG RETRIEVAL. Wow, it took a while to get here, huh? And I’m just typing this. Basically I’m to come in with the hubby, get knocked out, and then the doctor is going to insert a loooong needle in to get those eggs we worked so hard to get going. Doctor says it’s about an hour long procedure, but more of that time is to get me into night-night land. I don’t want to see that needle go in me, thank you very much. Hubby’s to do his thing and get the doc some sperm.

    They’ll grade the eggs and the sperm that day and, as long as both are good, the doctor intends to go Partial ICSI; where half of the sperm and eggs are forced together and the other half are left to naturally come together.

    The next day we’ll get a call and get an update on that grade and how things are going.

    5 days later will be the embryo transfer. This is the real exciting part. They’ll put the fertilized egg (only one said the doc, the plan is for ONE baby) in me and then all we can do is pray and hope for success.

    But guys, to my knowledge, this will be the first time a fertilized egg is in me. AHH.

    And then the oh so fun waiting game. Again. For 12 days I’ll try not to overthink or stress about what’s happening or I want to happen inside my body.

    Thank God the doctor said I could keep running (but no marathoning, I had to promise).

    After that long 12 days, I’ll go in for a blood test to see if this round is a success. If we get positive numbers, then we’ll repeat. Wait, then go back in for another blood test.

    If that’s a success, then I’ll come back later, where they can do an ultrasound to make sure everything is a-okay.

  4. If yes, then they kick me out and I move on to a obgyn.

That’s a lot, but it’s also what I’ve been reading up on and preparing myself for. I know we’ve got a 50% chance, but it’s better than we’ve been doing the past 3 years.

This warrior is ready to set foot on the battleground again, and hopefully, get the win.