Shippin’ Off To Nowhere

So… It’s been awhile. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Besides snacking on animal crackers to keep nausea at bay, everything feels like it’s been smooth sailing pregnancy wise. Well, that and social distancing myself from everyone and everything thanks to COVID-19.

Thankfully before it really hit the St. Louis area, the hubby and I got to run the Creve Coeur St. Paddy’s Day Half Marathon. Race day was beautiful weather wise, sunshine all along the run. The race started in the 40s and ended in the upper 50s. 

With my weekday/weekend long run experience, I decided my goal was to finish between 2:20-2:30… And sure enough, my official chip time was 2:21:23. My body was definitely feeling good that day. I also demolished my shamrock cookie before I could even get a photo of it afterwards. 

I did a sweet jacket as some swag – I’ll be sure to wear that today when I go out to get a Reuben (Corona or no Corona – can’t celebrate St. Pat’s without one!)

Tomorrow is my “12 week” appointment. Officially it’s more like 11 weeks, 6 days… But close enough. Feeling good about it right now, everything feels like it’s going smoothly. Putting my trust in Him and not worrying.

I’ve gotten a few runs in since the race, nothing huge though. Pace is also a bit slower and with a few walk breaks up long hills, but I’ll take it.

I’m looking forward to being able to share with the world our exciting news. As long as our appointment goes well tomorrow, hoping to post about it this weekend after telling the grandparents. I’ll be sure to share our announcement photo here.

Be safe, my friends.