Did a DNA Test and Found Out I’m 100% Pregnant

Today was our return back to the infertility clinic to see how the baby was developing. This whole week I’ve been excited and anxious to see what was going on inside me.

Throughout the week I informed my husband that I had learned from my mobile app that our little one went from the size of the ‘m’ on an M&M and the 2 on a number 2 pencil.

I didn’t realize how truly small that was until my internal ultrasound, where they did a scan of my ovaries to make sure everything was okay down there… And then moved onto the baby.

I was informed that our baby, as of yesterday, was the size of a grain of rice. The ultrasound technician then proceeded to show me the yolk surrounding our baby… And pointed out our wee baby attached to it.

I only got emotional when she pressed lightly and I could see our baby flutter. Heartbeats. I was told if I came in the day before, I probably wouldn’t have gotten to see that.

Going into the appointment, I felt like I would leave in peace seeing our baby have a heartbeat. Man, God is good.

Afterwards we had a short appointment with my fertility doctor. He came in, greeted us, sat down and gave a moment of silence. “Well… Here we are.” He gave us, based on my last period, an estimated due date of September 29th. I also got the lowdown of what medicines I could use (Tylenol, Tums) and the basic diet recommendations (caffeine intake, only eat cooked meats, wash fruits and veggies before eating, only eat fish/seafood up to 3 times a week, no sushi, etc),

I always have washed my veggies, but most fruits… But never thought of washing fruits like melons or bananas until this appointment. The more you know!

He asked us if we figured out an obgyn, and I let him know I decided to go with one a little closer to where we lived. He then cleared us, letting us know he’d send her a letter with my info.

I’m still running (doc said I was cleared to do whatever physical activities my body was use to) and got 5 chilly miles in yesterday. There’s going to be no racing in this pregnancy. I’ve pretty much slowed down to 11 minute/miles, which is fine. It’s comfortable and I still am running. Thankfully I got to run in daylight since I took a half day, so I got to see where ice was on the sidewalk.

Running wise, I still plan on doing my half marathon in the beginning of March. In the middle-end of April is River 2 River, a relay run I’ve been doing with a group of ladies for several years. No beer drinking this year, I’ll be sure to have plenty of G2 instead. After that, we’ll see how everything is going and go from there.

Somedays it’s still almost unbelievable we’re here. Moved into St Louis and preggo with our rice baby. Just going to keep hoping and praying s/he keeps growing healthy.