8 Weeks In

The past few weeks have been ‘busy’, as in, go to work, come home, run, eat dinner and sit my butt on the couch for the rest of the evening. I haven’t had the energy/motivation to do much else.

Which leads me to being able to catch up on some of my shows. One show that I’ve really enjoyed this season has been Stumptown. It’s on ABC, but I’ve been watching it on Hulu. I read the graphic novels years back, and was stoked to find out they were making it a TV show. Cobie Smulders has done a great job bringing the character, Dex Parios, to life in the city of Portland, Oregon. It’s cool to since I lived there for a little bit (and it happens to be my favorite city, besides St. Louis.) If you enjoy a good detective show with quirkiness, I highly recommend. And it has Jake Johnson, who I came to love in New Girl.

Thursday I went in for my 8 week ultrasound at my chosen OBGYN clinic. Still kinda crazy to say that, this all feels so surreal sometimes… I met one of the nurse practitioners and got to see our baby through an ultrasound.

My how you’ve grown since the last time we saw you.

Baby measured in at 7 weeks, 6 days. We also got to find out our baby’s heartbeat is coming in at 162 bpm, which is in the good range.

We have our next appointment scheduled with my OBGYN doctor on March 18th. It feels so far away compared to how close the past two check-ups were, but guess momma has to learn some patience.

Currently mentally preparing myself for a long run this morning. 12 miles today, taper next weekend, and then the half marathon March 7th. Hoping we’ll get slightly warmer weather race weekend.